March 11, 2021

Where Estate Planning and Social Inequality Meet

Where Estate Planning and Social Inequality Meet

Chris and Jesse are joined by Laurel and Riley Carbone Kern, founders of Tallgrass Estate Planning LLP. Laurel and Riley are adamant about people in the minority demographics getting the appropriate estate plans in place for future inheritors. In this episode we discuss why they started this business, the inefficient education of estate planning towards minority groups, and how white supremacy exists in estate planning today. They mentioned a book that talks more about these issues, The Color of Law, you can find that book here: The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America (

We greatly appreciate Tallgrass Estate Planning LLP, as they are the newest corporate partners with Rant9 Productions. We look forward to continuing our podcast network with your support, and we appreciate your efforts in creating a unique and necessary community service in estate planning today.

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