Jan. 9, 2020

Episode 8: Quraysh Ali Lansana

Episode 8: Quraysh Ali Lansana

Black History is White History

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Author, poet, and educator Quraysh Ali Lansana joins Chris and Jesse to talk about the work he is doing with the Tri-City Collective, its amazing programming, the upcoming Focus: Black Oklahoma radio series, what it was like to grow up as a black man in Enid, how teaching history requires educating about ALL of history, and how art can be used to help people deal with difficult topics.

Keep up with all of the Tri-City Collective events on its Facebook page:


List of 2020 Upcoming Events:

Jan 10: Viewing of 1917 film and poetry reading

Jan 18: Real Talk Series: Black and Blue — The Black Community and the Police — at the Woody Guthrie Center

January 23: Quraysh poetry reading

Jan 25: Public Opening of “Memories and Inspirations” — at the Gilcrease Museum

Feb 4: Real Talk Series: Comradeship of Excluded Peoples — at the Tulsa Jewish Community Center

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