May 20, 2021

Carlos Moreno, the Victory of Greenwood, and down with the IDL

Carlos Moreno, the Victory of Greenwood, and down with the IDL
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Chris and Jesse are joined by Carlos Moreno, Co-Captain of Code for Tulsa and author of The Victory of Greenwood. Moreno recently finished writing The Victory of Greenwood and it is now available for pre-order. Moreno discusses the parallels between the historic race massacres in Greenwood in 1921 and Chicago in 1919 with the eruptions of racial unrest in Minneapolis, Portland, and right here in Tulsa over the past few years. We also discuss generational trauma within minorities, and how it can affect racial issues in America today. But most importantly we talk about the victories that have taken place both before 1921, after 1921, and right now. Moreno also brings light to hidden figures, like Jake Simmons Jr., who brought Philips petroleum to Africa. 

Pre-Order The Victory of Greenwood by Carlos Moreno at this website.

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