July 15, 2021

Toby Jenkins, Doing Whatever It Takes, and 918-The-Gays

Toby Jenkins, Doing Whatever It Takes, and 918-The-Gays

Chris and Jesse are joined by Toby Jenkins, CEO of Oklahomans For Equality and the executive director of the Dennis R .Neil Equality Center. Toby tells us the story of his journey from a conservative Republican, who was prominent in evangelical circles, to a man who would literally bleed rainbow. He gives a history of the fight for basic human rights for LBGTQ+ Oklahomans as well as what we can do if we truly want to be allies to those same people. Chris and Jesse also learn about 918-The-Gays (918-743-4297), the hotline that helped Toby when he was questioning his own sexual orientation, which is still active today!

To get more involved visit https://www.okeq.org/

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