Sept. 10, 2020

Steve Cluck and the Beauty of Bad Karaoke

Steve Cluck and the Beauty of Bad Karaoke

Is there any other kind?

Steve Cluck joins Chris and Jesse in a first and hopefully last outdoor podcast recording. Steve takes us through the history of Celebrate the 918, how the ultimate man about town has been spending the pandemic, why it is so important to believe women (in the arts as well as everywhere,) and how Karaoke is good for the soul.

To follow Steve on his adventures or to buy some of his amazing shirts check him out on the internet!

For this year's Celebrate the 918 Steve will have a Pop-Up Shop at Ida Red on Brookside during the day, where people can come and buy the new Celebrate the 918 and I Love Tulsa tees, and will be DJing at the Gathering Place from 6-8pm.

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