May 14, 2020

Episode 17: Chris Bernard, Hunger Free Oklahoma and Tulsa Kitchens Unite!

Episode 17: Chris Bernard, Hunger Free Oklahoma and Tulsa Kitchens Unite!
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Chris Bernard, Executive Director of Hungry Free Oklahoma and Tulsa Kitchens Unite! joins Chris and Jesse to discuss the work of Tulsa Kitchens Unite! who partners with locally owned restaurants and caterers (with the ability to produce pre-prepared and refrigerated/frozen to-go style meals) to provide free meals to families in this time of crisis. Tulsa Kitchens Unite !aims to keep local kitchens open, keep workers paid, and keep local families fed. But that is only only one of Chris's jobs. As the ED of Hungry Free Oklahoma he and his team work tirelessly to bring a unified, statewide voice to the issues and solutions surrounding hunger, with a goal to ensure all Oklahomans have access to affordable, nutritious food. It was an issue long before the Coronavirus and will be there once this is over.

Do you feel like doing something to make sure Oklahomans' aren't going hungry? Hunger Free Oklahoma needs volunteers and they need funds! You can donate to them on their website: You can find out more about their Covid-19 resources here: and find opportunities to help here:

If you like what Chris and Jesse are doing and want to help, you can give us a review on Apple Podcasts and you can find all their past episodes either in your podcasting app or on their website:

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