April 30, 2020

Episode 16: Mike Brose and the Mental Health Assocation of Oklahoma

Episode 16: Mike Brose and the Mental Health Assocation of Oklahoma

Jesse and Chris are joined by Mike Brose, the Chief Empowerment Officer for the Mental Health Association of Oklahoma. We ask Mike how the Mental Health Association is not only dealing with Covid-19 but how, as a mental health issue itself, their work has changed during this pandemic. How this shared collective trauma could be a great equalizer amongst Americans, hopefully lowering the stigma of Mental Health, and how no matter how long this lasts, the effects of it will be felt long after. On a brighter note, we discuss Mike's fantastic and empowering management style and learn that he loves British Mystery shows.

For the Mental Health Association's Covid-19 resources, you can visit them on the web here: https://mhaok.org/covid19-resources

You can also check out their podcast, where they are currently doing daily episodes on mental health and Covid-19 here: https://mhaok.org/podcast

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