April 16, 2020

Episode 15: Laura Bellis, Save Our State and the Take Control Initiative

Episode 15: Laura Bellis, Save Our State and the Take Control Initiative

But we are not going to lie, it is mostly about Covid-19

Laura Bellis joins Jesse and Chris to discuss both her day job, as executive director of the Take Control Initiative, and her current night job, as one of the founders of the Save Our State Facebook group. This non-partisan, non-political group is working at this critical moment to bring people together and call on their elected leaders to do what is best for our state during this pandemic.

Laura helps make sense of the difference between a "Stay-at-home" and a "Shelter-in-Place," how innovations in education and medicine could help make a better future once this pandemic is over, how you, the listener, can get involved in helping Oklahoma get through this, and , if we are being honest, plays therapist to Jesse and Chris.

She also stills the collective Nerd Crown by talking about the game Civilization, and not just the most recent one, but about Civilization II; but not just Civilization II, but a reddit thread from seven years ago, where someone discusses what their civilization looks like after they have played the game for a full decade. The reddit thread can be found here, it is a delight in these stressful times.

To learn more about the Take Control Initiative, you can check out their website: https://www.takecontrolinitiative.org/

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