May 11, 2023

Dewayne Sheridan and the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma

Dewayne Sheridan and the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma
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In this episode of the Pod 4 Good podcast, Dwayne Sheridan, the community engagement education manager for the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, discusses the work of the food bank and its efforts to address food insecurity. He highlights the organization's focus on serving rural communities, providing volunteer opportunities, and partnering with various organizations to distribute fresh food. He emphasizes the importance of education and outreach programs to break down the stigma surrounding food insecurity.

The Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma serves 24 counties in the eastern part of the state and collaborates with about 700 different partners to ensure food reaches those in need. The organization purchases fresh produce and frozen foods, with a significant portion (40%) of their efforts dedicated to providing fresh food. They also work closely with the Oklahoma Farm to Table program, supporting local farmers by purchasing their produce at a near-market price.

We discuss the challenges faced by rural communities in accessing fresh food, as well as the difficulties people face in urban areas, where grocery stores may be far away or transportation is limited. The conversation emphasized the interconnectedness of all individuals and the importance of delivering food directly to where people are, particularly in light of the pandemic.

The Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma focuses on education and outreach programs to combat the stigma surrounding food insecurity. They offer workshops and seminars in schools, corporations, and other groups to raise awareness and create a supportive network. The podcast also encouraged individuals and corporations to donate food or money, volunteer their time, and explore team-building opportunities with the food bank's programs.

Volunteer, Donate and learn more at: Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma (

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